By Way Of Introduction…

As I write this in the summer of 2008, it has been 30 years since my parents bought me my first guitar.  It was a little $30 three-quarter size acoustic jobby with a sunburst red finish.  I took about 6 or 8 lessons on Saturday mornings from the salesgirl who sold us the guitar.  After I learned a couple handfuls of ‘open’ chords and realized she was mostly just reading me the Mel Bay beginners guitar book I had purchased, I was out of there.  Since then, everything I’ve learned about guitars and guitar playing has come from listening to records, watching other players, and plain old seek-and-find, hunt-and-pluck fumbling around.

Flash forward to present day, and I judge myself to be a passable rhythm player; a strum-and-sing guy not especially of a professional caliber, but good enough to have played in a few decent bands over the years and to enjoy myself with my friends.

But lately I want more.

Over the last few months, maybe a year, I’ve been thinking quietly to myself that I want to study the guitar.  To re-learn some of the theory I’ve forgotten from my childhood piano lessons and from playing trumpet in the school band, and find out how that theory applies to the guitar.  And hey, while I’m at it, maybe I’ll launch a search for my dream guitar.  Go out and drop an unjustifiably big wad of dough on a fine (possibly even handcrafted?) instrument that far outclasses my own ability to play it.  Cool, huh?

So that’s where I stand right now and what this blog is going to be all about.  I’m taking real lessons from a real teacher, and shopping for guitars I can’t quite afford.  I don’t know exactly where this is all going, but I’m going to try to chronicle the experience as best I can.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it.


1 thought on “By Way Of Introduction…

  1. Monty,

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog! I too have had the experience of going into shops where you feel as if your putting the staff out their way to get some help – very annoying… I purchased a Collings D2HA about 6 months ago from Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto. I’ve never been into a shop where the staff was as professional and courteous as they are. I also take lessons from Jack Tuttle there and often spend time before lessons twittling on various instruments. Time after time I’m impressed by the fact that they treat everyone with equal dignity regardless of the skill level of the person shopping. They’ve got it figured out! Not really rocket science but still the same, it’s a very nice experience. And the Collings I purchased is very cool – can’t imaging not having it at this point. Hopefully when I’m old and decrepid I’ll pass it on to my kids. Good luck shopping!

    mark marispini
    Los Gatos, CA

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