A Few Words About “The Tree”

Fortunately I’ve connected with Ken Miller while he still has sets of wood available from “The Tree,” capitalized because it is a somewhat rare mahogany with quite a history.

The Tree came from the jungles of Honduras. Reportedly 100 feet tall or more and over 10 feet in diameter, the tree was cut in 1965, but fell into a deep, steep ravine. At the time it was deemed too inaccessible to retrieve, and there it lay for the next 18 years.

Finally, a group of loggers determined they would find a way to bring it out. They made their way into the ravine and quartered The Tree right where it lay, and then dragged it out piece by piece. The story goes that the quarters were then floated and trucked nearly 200 miles to an old steam-powered mill where processing was begun.

Considered by many luthiers and musicians to be the most beautiful mahogany ever known, wood from The Tree is also very light and offers unique tonal qualities. Ken was very quick to say he does have great sets of quilted mahogany from other sources that would save me some money, but they can’t equal sets from The Tree either visually or tonally.

My intent has always been to come out on the other side of this with the finest quality guitar I can, priority number one being the sound. The fact that I’ll get a superior look from wood of a superior tone is icing on the cake.


5 thoughts on “A Few Words About “The Tree”

  1. Great wood. Had a Breedlove Built with it back in 1993. Nothing like it. I’ve still got about 10 sets of of it and two huge boards as yet not re-sawn into guitar set. You are gonna have the guitar of a life time.

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